JULY 18, 2022

Since 2010, every July 18, World Listening Day has been celebrated with the purpose of making us reflect on how the different sounds of the environment affect our daily lives, as well as the possible solutions to the problems they generate.

At Auditec we are very aware of this and, for this reason, we offer the ideal solution to each patient, being able to provide the maximum sound information to each hearing loss and improving their quality of #hearing.

As a curiosity of this event, we highlight that this world day was created in 2010, at the initiative of the organizations World Listening Project and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE).

The selection of the date is related to the anniversary of the birth of the Canadian composer Raymond Murray Schafer, on July 18, 1833.

Schafer was a composer, writer, musical educator, and environmentalist. He created the World Soundscape Project or "World Musical Landscape Project", and made several contributions to acoustic ecology.

Motto year 2022: "Listen beyond borders"

With this motto, it is invited to explore the importance of listening through the branches of knowledge, transcending all geographical and technological borders.

Also, discover other areas and ways of listening, connecting the world with existing and changing soundscapes.

Organizations around the world take advantage of this day to carry out outdoor activities related to listening to the soundscape to become aware. In addition, they focus on the recognition of all the sounds that surround us and their effects or study of the sounds of nature, thus encouraging the formulation of critical judgments about the sounds that are heard.

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