High Frequency Hearing Loss Are Hearing Aids Helpful?

People with high-frequency hearing loss have reduced ability to understand conversations.


What is a high frequency hearing loss?

It is a hearing loss that prevents hearing sounds at high frequencies, which are frequencies from 2,000 Hz onwards. Within this type of frequency there are sounds such as female voices, children's voices, the song of birds or some phonemes such as T, H, F O S, which makes it quite difficult to follow a conversation normally.

People with this type of hearing loss have a harder time following conversations in noisy environments, as they have no trouble hearing low frequencies like background noise.

Possible causes

This type of hearing loss is known as High-Frequency Sensorineural Hearing Loss or Presbycusis, and is usually caused by several factors, such as:

- Age.
- Prolonged exposure to very loud noises.
- Ear infections.
- Diseases.
- Genetic factors.

This hearing loss is usually caused by damage to the hair cells in the inner ear that receive sounds and convert them into signals that are transmitted to the brain by the hearing nerves.


High-frequency hearing loss is easily identified by performing a hearing test and is resolved in most cases with a hearing aid fitting.

Digital hearing aids allow us to make adjustments to be compatible with each type of hearing loss, including high-frequency hearing loss or prebycusis.