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Auditec The loss of hearing is typically a gradual process and it can affect us all to a greater or lesser extent. So, what is most important is to detect it and treat it quickly.

Use the brief questionnaire below to see if you may be experiencing some degree of hearing loss. Be sure to evaluate each question carefully and answer honestly to ensure an appropriate evaluation.

Answer YES, SOMETIMES or NO to each question. Do not skip a question even if you avoid a situation because of a hearing problem.





1. Do you sometimes find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?

2. Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in a crowded room or a bigger group?

3. Do you feel uncomfortable when having a conversation on the telephone?

4. Does your family complain about the volume of the TV being too high?

5. Do you think that you might have a hearing problem?

6. Have you been exposed to high noise levels on a regular basis during your professional life?

7. Do you have tinnitus?

8. Do you sometimes have difficulty hearing especially treble sounds?

9. Do you have difficulties understanding people when they are talking behind you or at some distance?

10. Does traffic cause you to feel confused or even uncertain?

To compile your score, simply click the calculate button below



0-8 Points

little or no hearing loss

10-24 Points

mild to moderate loss

26-40 Points

significant loss

0-8 points: Obtain a professional examination to determine your hearing baseline. If you experience occasional difficulty in certain situations, ask your hearing professional about hearing enhancement products.

10-24 points: A complete hearing examination is recommended. Mild to moderate hearing loss is associated with difficulty understanding speech, particularly in the presence of background noise.

26-40 points: A complete hearing examination is recommended. Significant hearing loss results in increased difficulty hearing and understanding in all situations.

The questionnaire above represents only a portion of the actual evaluation questions we use to establish a diagnosis and should not be used to determine a final course of action except to receive further evaluations by a hearing professional.